Analog Devices teams with German battery digital twin startup

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By Nick Flaherty

Battery analytics and digital twin software startup Twaice is working with Analog Devices Inc (ADI) to tackle the challenges of battery lifecycle optimization and opens up a deal with a global car maker.

The two will combines ADI’s sensor technology and wireless battery management system (BMS) technology with the Twaice digital twin analytics software for customers in the mobility and energy sectors. The aim is to significantly reducing warranty risks and recalls, optimizing battery life, and enhancing battery value.

This is the first major deal for Munich-based Twaice with a chip maker and opens up a potential digital twin agreement with global car maker General Motors, where ADI is supplying the wireless BMS technology.

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The collaboration provides optimization of the entire battery lifecycle through an end-to-end approach that integrates hardware and software. Battery measurements are provided through ADI’s sensor and a wireless battery management system for the cloud-based Twaice digital twin. This generates insights into the battery performance for car companies around the globe, providing forecasts of the battery performance, state of charge and usability at any point in the life cycle.

“Precision data combined with advanced predictive battery analytics will shed light into the darkness, which is crucial in unlocking as yet undiscovered potential along the entire value chain,” said Dr. Stephan Rohr, Co-CEO of Twaice.  

“The battery is the energy source for every electric vehicle, and it is also a valuable asset,” said Patrick Morgan, Vice President of Automotive at Analog Devices. “Together with Twaice, we are delivering innovative holistic solutions across battery lifetimes that create significant value for our customers and support a circular economy.”

“The collaboration with Analog Devices is a decisive milestone for us in widening the approach to major customers and a global market launch of newly developed products, as the company has decades of market expertise and a large sales organization in the automotive and energy industries,” said Dr. Michael Baumann, Co-CEO of Twaice. 

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