Analysis tools to use COTS neuromorphic AI processor with MRAM in space

Analysis tools to use COTS neuromorphic AI processor with MRAM in space

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By Nick Flaherty

Green Mountain Semiconductor (GMS) in the US has won a grant to develop a neuromorphic AI processor for space applications using MRAM magnetic memory.

The project, “A Radiation Hard Neural Processor With Embedded MRAM,” will see GMS develop an analysis tool to optimize circuit designs for reliability and radiation resistance to enable the use of off-the-shelf technology in space applications without the need for excessive design modifications to ensure radiation resistance.

As an initial step, GMS will use the tool to enhance its in-house designed memory neural processor, specially tailored for cube-sat format satellite payloads. The custom chip designer aims to incorporate radiation resistance into the design process to speed up the development of chips for use in orbit.

“Through this project, GMS aims to empower companies seeking radiation-hardened solutions by creating a predictive tool for assessing radiation exposure on custom silicon designs,” stated Ryan Jurasek, VP Research & Development at GMS. “Our inaugural application of this tool will focus on optimizing our in-memory neural processor, designed using SOI process with MRAM integration, and intended for testing in a cube-satellite. GMS’s experience will shape the design and optimization of future products, both in space and beyond.”

Radiation testing of commercial products is often costly and raises questions about circuitry utilization and failure statistics particularly for MRAM memory. Moreover, off-the-shelf components are not inherently optimized for space applications in terms of size, weight, and power considerations. GMS aims to use its knowledge of emerging memory technologies and developing radiation-resistant solutions by design.


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