Analyst predicts OLED lighting market

Analyst predicts OLED lighting market

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The global market for OLED lighting will be $4.8 billion in 2016, according to market research firm NanoMarkets LLC. Of that Europe will be responsible for $1.5 billion in OLED lighting panel sales and Asia is expected to provide $2.1 billion.
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Japan is set to lead the OLED lighting business in Asia. Japanese companies have taken up key positions across the OLED lighting supply chain Sales of OLED lighting in Japan are expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2016.

Although, the addressable market for OLED lighting in China is limited, NanoMarkets expects the Chinese OLED lighting market to reach $420 million by 2016. OLED lighting is expected to be one of the industries to benefit from government support for technology. For South Korea NanoMarkets predicts OLED lighting sales of $230 million by 2016. However, the influence of Samsung and LG, which have both made a commitment to OLED lighting, should not be underestimated on a global basis.

In Europe, German firms and the German market will be the largest factor with Germany accounting for one quarter of OLED lighting sales between 2011 and 2018, NanoMarkets said. Germany is home to numerous OLED manufacturing facilities operated by BASF, Fraunhofer IPMS, Philips, Heraeus, Osram, Ledon, Merck and Novaled. German OLED lighting panel sales will reach almost $360 million by 2016.

The UK will be the second national market in Europe with revenues from OLED panel sales at $210 million by 2016. The UK is home to Cambridge Display Technology, E2M, Lomox and PolyPhotonix. European firms including Blackbody, Osram and Philips, already dominate the worldwide market for OLED luminaires and will continue to do so, NanoMarkets said.

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