Android app creator features WYSIWYG editor for non-programmers

Android app creator features WYSIWYG editor for non-programmers

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Now anyone can build an iPhone or Android app free then submit it to an app store with no programming skills required, claims iBuildApp which provides Android Builder as a tool that simplifies creating an iPhone and Android apps for smartphones.
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The iPhone solution has been live for a few months and has over 10,000 users. Small and large businesses can now easily create apps for Android devices without the need to hire expensive developers. The free solution allows anyone to create their own apps rather than hope developers create what they need. It also makes it easy to build and automatically publish an app to an app gallery. Some customers have become so good at creating iPhone apps they have started to make apps for others (becoming resellers).

The iBuildApp Android solution helps businesses to create Android apps using online WYSIWYG editor so it does not require any coding. Now anyone can build an Android app using the web interface, without any knowledge of Java (the language used to build Android apps). The web preview interface allows a quick preview of the app while building it, without having to test it on an actual device. There are many templates to choose from and the iBuildApp team is building 40 to 50 more to address all types of business and personal uses. iBuildApp will soon give users access to the GPS, SMS, Camera and other powerful features. These will be able to be used in many different configurations.

Visit iBuildApp at to try out the new Android app creator.

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