Anritsu gives away a handheld spectrum analyzer

Anritsu gives away a handheld spectrum analyzer

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The unit operates in the 9kHz to 3GHz frequency band. It boasts a dynamic range greater than 85 dB in 100Hz resolution bandwidth, with a phase noise of -90 dBc/Hz max at 10kHz offset at 1GHz. Measurements include occupied bandwidth, channel power, ACPR, C/I.

The interference analyser will give you a spectrogram, signal strength, RSSI, signal ID and interference mapping. Frequency accuracy is under ±1.5ppm, below ±50ppb with the GPS Option 0031. Other features include value tracking (normal, max hold, min hold, average) and the various detection modes (peak, negative, sample, quasi-peak, and true RMS).

Equipped with a touchscreen keyboard, the instrument can store 2000 traces internally before transferring the data to a PC via a USB connection. It can run three hours on one battery charge.

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