Anritsu re-defines cost-benefit level for Vector Network Analysers

Anritsu re-defines cost-benefit level for Vector Network Analysers

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The new ShockLine VNAs are designed to test passive components such as cables, connectors, filters and antennae in a large variety of application situations from development to manufacturing and education. Based on the graphical user interface of the company’s successful VectorStar concept, the ShockLine instruments offer almost all measurement options of conventional but significantly more expensive VNA benchtop devices. To name a typical example, they enable measurements of single-ended and mixed-mode scattering parameters (S parameters) as required in manufacturing tests of passive components. Besides frequency-related measurement the ShockLine instruments also offer low pass and band pass measurements in the time domain, including measurements that require time gating.

The new product family consists of two segments – a value and an economy segment, offering several maximum frequencies of 4GHz to 40GHz.

The operating concept represents a radical departure from the conventional design: The instruments are no longer equipped with their own dedicated display screen and control keypad. Instead they are connected via LAN or USB interface to a PC or a combination of mouse and touchscreen. A remote GUI enables users to access controls and settings as well as start measurement or watch the results on the screen. In this respect, Anritsu is in the current trend of separating user interface and measurement function. For automated operation, the instruments can also be controlled through SCPI instructions (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments).

With respect to external connections, Anritsu takes the stance that LAN connections with their higher throughput increasingly displace the honourable GPIB bus systems, at least in manufacturing environments. And since mouse, keyboard and monitor are available in just about any lab and production line, these hardware units can be omitted just as well. The remaining core instrument comes in a 19" 2U form factor and can easily be integrated into a rack configuration.

The measurement performance is not affected by the small form factor and other design considerations. The Value Line model MS46522A offers a measurement speed of 70 µs per measurement point and a dynamic range of better than 110 dB. Along with this model, Anritsu rolls out the VNA MS46332A Economy Line 2-port model for measurements up to 40GHz and the VNA MS46524A 4-port model for differential and multi-port measurements up to 7 GHz. Price range starts at 10.000 euros.

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