App provides diagnosis of in-car electronics

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Golo is more than just a plug – the smartphone app that comes with the hardware device turns it into a remote diagnosis solution to your car. The adapter is simply plugged to the ODB2 connector; the link to the smartphone is established via Bluetooth. Once connected, the app accesses several ECUs displays a number of basic information related to the vehicle such as the GPS coordinates, remaining amount of fuel or vehicle protocols. The app can conduct an analysis of the car’s electronic systems, for example of the ECUs controlling engine, ABS, and airbags. The data are sent to a cloud server for analysis. Users can make these data available to their trusted repair workshop for a thorough remote diagnosis. If there is a serious problem, the driver gets immediate feedback and a warning in cases where it would be advisable to contact the nearest workshop.

For the time being, golo supports 59 vehicle types. The app is available for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Launch Europe is introducing the system at the upcoming Automechanika, a trade fair focusing on the market for repair shop equipment.

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