Apple ponders Smart Cover technology for future iPads

Apple ponders Smart Cover technology for future iPads

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Apple has received a patent for an advanced iPad cover that contains both illumination and communication elements that will light up to alert users of notifications.
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The patent describes as an ‘Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device’ will double as a screen protector and alert device. The patent proposes a product that should be similar to Smart Covers which used LED lights to notify users of incoming messages when the cover of the device is closed.

The patent proposes illumination elements can be any low power lighting elements thin enough to fit within the flexible flap, such as for example light emitting diodes or electroluminescent panels. A processor located within the tablet device can be configured to control the illumination elements. The processor of the tablet device can be in communication with the flexible flap by way of a connector element that electrically couples the two devices. That same connector element can be used to transfer power from the tablet device to the flexible flap. The tablet device only needs to provide power to the flexible flap when the processor through a control signal commands illumination of at least one of the illumination elements. The illumination of select ones of the illumination elements constitutes an illumination state of the cover alerting the user to any of a number of pre-defined operating states of the tablet device. In some cases the illumination states can be human readable.  

By using shapes, words, and symbols the Smart Cover to transmit notifications including messages, emails and battery status. Messages can be dismissed by using the Home button or volume keys.

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