Application-specific secure MCU targets USB tokens

Application-specific secure MCU targets USB tokens

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Inside Secure announced the AT90SO72, a secure, embedded microcontroller specifically tailored to meet the needs of USB authentication token applications. The product's wide operating temperature from -40 to 105°C, flexible I/O configurations and optimized cost make it suitable for use in USB tokens and a broad range of applications requiring sensitive data protection and cryptography computation, such as smart meters, secure data storage, machine-to-machine systems and others.
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The AT90SO72 is based on Inside’s low-power 8/16-bit enhanced RISC CPU and is Common Criteria EAL4+ ready. It features a hardware random number generator, hardware AES (128-, 192- and 256-bit key supported), DES and triple DES. The MCU includes Inside’s Ad-X 2 advanced hardware crypto accelerator, which supports RSA up to 4096 bits, DSA, Diffie-Hellman and all FIPS-recommended elliptic curves up to 1024 bits. Key generation also is supported for both RSA and ECC.

The RoHS-compliant chip includes 288K bytes of ROM and 72K bytes of high-density EEPROM, which can be mapped as part of the program memory to provide a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for many applications. A USB 2.0 interface supports both full-speed and cost-effective low-speed modes. Both modes are available in configurations with no external resonator thus reducing the bill of material. This USB interface supports six software configurable data transfer endpoints with in-or-out directions for bulk, interrupt or isochronous transfers.

The flexible I/O options also include a master/slave SPI controller, an I2C (two-wire) controller, up to seven GPIO lines and an ISO 7816 interface. The AT90SO72 also includes a built-in variable frequency oscillator to reduce system cost and size and to increase security. A variety of dedicated anti-tampering hardware is included for protection against simple and differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) attacks, advanced protection against physical attacks (including active shield, enhanced protection object, C stack checker, slope detector and parity errors), environmental protection systems (voltage, frequency and temperature monitors), light protection and secure memory management/access protection. The AT90SO72 is available in wafers, modules and standard SOIC-8 (5x5mm) and QFN-20 (4x4mm) packages.

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