Architectural Principles for a Quantum Internet – eeNews study tip

Architectural Principles for a Quantum Internet – eeNews study tip

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By Wisse Hettinga

Read this status report on the principals and architecture

For many of us Quantum computing is a ‘future thing’. We all know development is happening, but it is still difficult to think how a quantum computer will work, let alone the idea of a quantum internet! The big companies like IBM and Google are working hard to get Quantum supremacy and the proof that a quantum computer is possible, both in hardware and software.

It is clear that with the current understanding of how a computer works you will not get far in understanding quantum computer or quantum internet. The concept is radical different. Researchers and developers agree that quantum computing is still far from a reality, but they are making waves and who knows what the research more will bring – something unexpected that will create a complete new understanding of information sharing, communication and calculations – perhaps we should stop using the word ‘computer’?

The reading tip is the status report of Quantum Internet. The language is clear and it will help you to make that next step in understanding.

You can find the report here

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