Arctic Semiconductor shows SilverWings low power 4×4 RF transceiver

Arctic Semiconductor shows SilverWings low power 4×4 RF transceiver

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By Nick Flaherty

Arctic Semiconductor, formerly SiTune, has launched its SilverWings low power RF and mixed-signal chipsets.

SilverWings is the first 4×4 low-power transceiver with multi-stage up and down conversion from digital to RF and RF to digital for programmable and adaptable system designs.

The design uses Arctic’s low-power architecture with patented Digital-IF and High-IF conversion methodologies to boost performance in applications such as wireless radios, satellite communication, repeaters and fixed-wireless access devices but also medical devices and instrumentation.

In the receiver, SilverWings uses an RF gain stage with Ultra-Fast Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to counter interference. Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) is incorporated on the transmit side to mitigate external Power Amplifier non-linearity, although this increases the power consumption.

The Digital-IF conversion methodology eliminates the necessity for intricate software calibration steps aimed at compensating for IQ imbalance and LO leakage. This calibration free architecture saves significant cost at development and production stages.

Each path with 4 Wide-band RF inputs covering RF ranges of 600MHz to 7.2GHz per path: Port 1: 600MHz-965MHz, Port 2: 1400MHz-2700MHz, Port 3: 3300MHz-5200MHz, Port 4: 5000MHz-7125MHz.

The power consumption varies from 1.8W without DPD with a 200MHz bandwidth and 80/20 duty cycle up to 3.2W for a 50/50 duty cycle.

“By integrating cutting-edge analog and digital conversion methodologies into a single transceiver, we provide our customers with the optimal blend of capabilities, paving the way for broader applications. SilverWings signifies just the beginning of our vision for advanced high precision, high-speed data converters,” said Marzieh Veyseh, Chief Product Officer of Arctic Semiconductor.

SilverWings MP is available to order now.

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