Arduino shield eases stepper motor driver designs

Arduino shield eases stepper motor driver designs

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By Julien Happich

Arduino is a widely used open-source platform. The new EVK comes in 15 different variants for Rohm’s stepper motor driver Ics, from standard, micro step, low voltage to high voltage. This comprehensive solution covers supply voltages from 8V to 42V, enables up to 2.5A per phase, as well as micro-stepping and single- or multi-phase control of one or two stepper motors. It is well suited to drive bipolar stepper motors available in a wide range of supply voltages and current capabilities. It drives with CLK-IN or PARA-IN variants and provides high efficiency, easier power control and comprehensive protection functionalities in a robust and compact design, enabling accurate fine-tuning of the motor performances. Moreover, the EVK is designed to be stackable so that a second shield can be added on top to drive two motors.

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