Arkessa launches dashboard for managing data across multiple M2M networks

Arkessa launches dashboard for managing data across multiple M2M networks

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The dashboard is central to the M2M asset management portal, Emport, developed by Arkessa. The portal enables managers to view, monitor and tune their entire register of M2M connections at the same time. Compatible with all networks and all operators, Emport joins existing estates of connections, from within any country, to the global or universal networks that provide world-wide coverage on multiple networks.

“Our goal was to make available the data that M2M managers value most, and give it to them instantly,” said Paul Green, director of marketing and technology at Arkessa. “We also recognise the need to make a system that’s flexible and intuitive. Emport is a vital and powerful tool for managers that is incredibly easy to use.”

Filtering of the data is achieved by interacting directly with the portal’s on-screen graphics to generate views of information that is focused on any number of parameters of choice, such as specific device groups, connections or geographical areas of interest.

User-defined tags can be applied to each connection within the tool. This assists with the identification of each connection, and enables the filtering into sets defined by users. However, when more information is required than can be held within a tag, Emport can be directed to data held within a company’s own IT systems. In this way details, such as contacts, service level agreements, emergency numbers and preferred contractors, can be copied to user-defined fields that are automatically checked and refreshed.

Emport automatically stores data for analysis purposes, enabling users to watch trends and monitor the performance of connections over time. This shows quickly which connections are not performing as expected. While the performance of each connection can be analysed, its running cost can be recorded by carrier and location. These costs can be contained by use of a range of features, including data alerts and caps. Though the data travelling through each connection cannot be collected or read by Emport, the viability of each connection can be monitored, live, from the dashboard. If it is inactive, it can be pinged directly from the same screen, without the need to go to a different application.

“Until now, the information that would be incredibly useful to IT, network and facilities managers has been buried and spread across a variety of systems,” said Green. “We’ve built an application that brings that information to one place, is as easy to use as an iPhone and can even incorporate external information that’s vital to the running of a business.”

Arkessa has developed a range of scalable licence packages from an entry-level standard package for single user organisation, each managing up to 5,000 connections to a customisable ‘white label’ package for mobile network operators, systems integrators and major corporate users.


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