ARM reverses decline in boom year for IP

ARM reverses decline in boom year for IP
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IP market leader ARM was able to reverse its decline in a year where the market grew strongly, according to Eric Esteve from IPnest.
By Nick Flaherty


ARM has been the overall market leader since the IP cores market became sufficiently large to be recognized but in the last few years it has lost out to Cadence Design Systems with its Tensilica digital signal processor and the Synopsys ARC processor core. In 2020 the market grew 16.7 percent to be worth $4.6 billion.

ARM grew 17.4 percent to increase its market share to 41 percent. ARM’s IP royalty sales grew by 16 percent and IP license sales grew by 19.9 percent Esteve said.


Companies ranked by semiconductor design IP revenue in 2020 (millions of dollars). Source: IPnest.

Synopsys and Cadence continued to grow faster than ARM, expanding IP revenues at 23.4 and 19.0 percent, respectively. UK-based Imagination Technologies, once a rival to ARM, managed to bounce back with a 43.7 percent increase in IP revenue, although it is now a long way behind the top three, who own two-thirds of the IP market between them.

Synopsys was the market leader in the wired interface IP category with 55 percent market share. But Synopsys has been successful in many other categories, namely analog and mixed-signal, library and I/O, memory compiler. That’s why in 2020, Synopsys was for the second year running market leader in IP licensing with 30 percent market share.

 2020 design IP revenues by category. Source: IPnest.

The fastest growing company in the ranking is Alphawave. The company was founded in 2017 and achieved $25 million of serdes IP sales in 2019 and managed to triple that in 2020.

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