ARM takes back SoC Designer tool and designers from Carbon

ARM takes back SoC Designer tool and designers from Carbon

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A supplier of virtual platform and secure model solutions, Carbon Design Systems was founded in 2002 to provide pre-silicon system validation. Back in 2008, the company had struck a deal with processor IP vendor ARM, whereby it had acquired ARM's SoC Designer tool to take over its development, with full access to ARM’s intellectual property in order to optimize its tools and generate cycle-accurate models of the company’s processors, PrimeCell peripherals and fabric IP.
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The transfer also included key staff members from ARM who had been developing the in-house tool.

The agreement made it possible for Carbon to give its customers access to a fast, cycle-accurate design environment to model ARM IP. The company has created a comprehensive library of ARM processor and system models that can be extended easily to create cycle-accurate virtual prototypes of any new ARM-based SoC. The technology relies on RTL compilation, to ensure perfect functional and cycle accuracy.

Today, ARM announced it has acquired the product portfolio and other business assets of Carbon Design Systems (Carbon), including Carbon’s staff who will transfer to ARM.

In a news statement, the company says the acquisition will enable earlier availability of cycle-accurate models for future ARM processors and ARM-based systems (communication bottlenecks solved through the acquisition?)

The re-integrated Carbon products will be marketed as ARM Cycle Models and will remain available from ARM IP Exchange. ARM will also continue to offer Carbon’s solutions for model generation and SoC analysis.

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