Aselta Nanographics raises 2,65m euros to speed deployment of electron lithography optimization software

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The Inscale software optimizes electron lithography steps in IC manufacturing, whether mask or maskless, offering a unique trade-off between pattern fidelity and writing time. The tool is particularly valuable at logic process nodes smaller than 32nm as the traditional lithographic methods are running out of steam. Moving forward, at 22nm and beyond, the manufacturing of semiconductor chips will be relying on the performance of electron beam lithography, whether using masks or direct write techniques. Therefore, Aselta’s proprietary algorithms, modelling and correcting accurately electron behaviour, will become necessary.

‘Aselta benefited from CEA/LETI visionary research in Direct Write and their highly skilled personal and dedicated equipment. The company has managed to create one of the most advanced data preparation solutions to address today’s challenges in semiconductor manufacturing’ said Frédéric Martin, investment director at CEA Investissement
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