Aspinity releases Renesas-compatible machine learning dev board

Aspinity releases Renesas-compatible machine learning dev board

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By Peter Clarke

The AB2 is a PCB from Aspinity Inc. (Pittsburgh, Penn.)  that enables the development of always-on artificial intelligence applications that use the AML100 analog machine learning processor.

The board has an Arduino Uno Rev3 connector making it compatible with the Quick-Connect IoT platform of Renesas Electronics and other development platforms.

Aspinity sampled the AML100 in 2022. It is a programmable filter and machine learning processor that operates in the analog domain.  By operating adjacent to a microphone or other sensor and in the analog domain current consumption and can reduce power consumption by 95 percent compared to systems that move data into the digital domain before performing pattern detection.

Aspinity claims the chip consumes 15 microamps for sensor interfacing, signal processing, and decision making completely within the analog domain. Aspinity can provide specific event detection algorithms, such as glass-break and these algorithms run on the AML100 allow an MCU to remain in its lowest power state.

The AB2 connected to the Renesas EK-RA6M3 evaluation kit consumes less than 45 microamps when in always-listening mode, Aspinity said.

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