ATCA media processing blade packs up to 576 DSP cores

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The ATCA-8320 boasts the highest density of digital signal processing (DSP) cores of any commercially available blade, according to the manufacturer, enabling communications equipment companies to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of very high density IP media processing applications. These applications include session border controllers, media gateways and servers, media resource functions, mobile video optimization, video communications and conferencing servers, and interactive voice and video response systems.

The new blade is the first result of a collaboration between Emerson Network Power and Octasic, a provider of media and baseband processing solutions. The ATCA blade uses Octasic’s ground-breaking asynchronous DSP technology and also features Octasic’s Vocallo MGW voice and video software, making it easier for developers to create and use arrays of media processing resources in highly complex voice- and video-enabled applications. The blade can offload voice and video processing from an X86-based system at resolutions up to 1080p.

Its unique “gateway-on-a-blade” architecture also makes it suitable for use as a standalone gateway element, allowing a high degree of scalability from very small systems up to very large. In addition to a bank of up to 24 Octasic OCT2224M DSPs, the ATCA-8320 blade features an eight-core Freescale QorIQ P4080 device for advanced IP flow management and distribution and a dual core Intel Core i7 processor for local control and management applications. This unique combination of processor technologies is designed to maximize the flow processing and management capability of a single ATCA blade.

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