Atmel and Redpine Signals provide ultra-low-power 802.11n Wi-Fi Capability for AVR and ARM-based microcontrollers

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Atmel customers can add 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity using two easy-to-use solutions from Redpine Signals, which are optimized for Atmel MCUs. The fully-certified Connect-io-n Wi-Fi modules with integrated TCP/IP stack are ideal for Atmel AVR XMEGA and AVR UC3 MCUs, and Atmel SAM3 ARM-based MCUs, while the high-performance n-Link module with host-managed TCP/IP stack are ideal for Atmel SAM9 ARM-based MCUs.

Redpine’s Connect-io-n and n-Link solutions connect to Atmel MCUs through UART, SPI and SDIO interfaces and offer up to 65Mbps of physical bit rate and up to 45 Mbps of data throughput on SDIO interface. System designers can purchase Wi-Fi kits from Redpine Signals, designed to work with Atmel Xplained boards and ARM-based evaluation kits (EV). The Wi-Fi kit includes optimized drivers and code examples free of charge and customers can also download Linux drivers to use with the Atmel SAM9 ARM-based MCUs.

Availability and Pricing

To begin evaluation, customers may purchase an Atmel evaluation kit, such as the Xplained kit, and a Wi-Fi kit from Redpine Signals. The Atmel Xplained and EV kits are available from Atmel and its distribution partners with a suggested retail price starting at $29. The Redpine Signals Wi-Fi kits are available from Redpine Signals with a suggested retail price starting at $79.

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