August was share deal time for NXP Semiconductor executives

August was share deal time for NXP Semiconductor executives

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By Peter Clarke

Directors of NXP Semiconductors NV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) have also benefitted from a series of share deals reported in May and late July and August.

The disposals were reported as changes in beneficial ownership of the company on forms required by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Peter Kelly, chief financial officer, had the largest transaction value disposing of shares at different values around $200 per share since May 26 to raise about US$46 million.

Since late July NXP CEO Kurt Sievers has disposed of shares in dealings with an aggregate value of about US$30 million.

Other beneficiaries were: Stephen Owen, executive vice president of sales and marketing (shares disposed of for about $10.5 million); Jennifer Wuamett, executive vice president and general counsel (about $6.5 million) and Christopher Jensen, executive vice president of human resources (about $1 million).

Some filings show that executives acquired shares priced at $0 and then immediately sold a portion of the tranche of shares at market value.

Share options, where executives are allowed to buy shares at below the market price, are a standard practice.

The directors of the company acquired and disposed shares in this way in late May for smaller amounts.

NXP Semiconductors was approached for comment but did not reply by the time this story was posted.

Date       Individual                                                         Sum raised

May 27   Peter Kelly , CFO                                              $ 4.96 million

July 28    Jennifer Wuamett, EVP, General Counsel        $ 499,514

July 28    Peter Kelly, CFO                                               $ 844,305

July 28    Kurt Sievers CEO                                             $ 2.78 million

July 28    Stephen Owen, EVP sales & marketing           $ 733,171

July 28    Christopher Jensen, EVP human resources     $ 155,390

Aug 3      Jennifer Wuamett, EVP and General Counsel  $ 4.97 million

Aug 3      Kurt Sievers, CEO                                             $ 21.7 million

Aug 3      Stephen Owen, EVP sales & marketing            $ 7.3 million

Aug 3      Peter Kelly, CFO                                                $ 8.4 million

Aug 3      Christopher Jensen, EVP human resources      $ 912,656

Aug 6      Jennifer Wuamett, EVP and General Counsel  $ 1.04 million

Aug 11     Josef Kaeser, director                                        $ 2.18 million

Aug 11     Stephen Owen, EVP sales & marketing            $ 2.52 million

Aug 25     Ken Goldman, director                                      $ 526,931

Aug 30     Kurt Sievers, CEO                                             $ 5.82 million

Aug 30     Peter Kelly, CFO                                                $ 32.04 million (including some indirectly held)

Source: United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Approximate totals

Peter Kelly $46.2 million

Kurt Sievers $30.30 million

Stephen Owen $10.55 million

Jennifer Wuamett $6.51 million

Christopher Jensen $1.07 million

Josef Kaeser, $2.18 million

Ken Goldman $0.53 million

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