Aurora Labs gets funding of $63 million to realise AI in software-defined vehicles

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

With its software, Aurora Labs aims to support automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, semiconductor providers and enterprises in the development, certification and diagnosis of software as well as in the implementation of over-the-air updates. International automotive and device manufacturers use the company’s solutions to continuously collect data and comprehensively analyse software behaviour. Understanding such processes helps software developers to optimise development, testing and integration. Insights also help them comply with WP.29 standards for in-vehicle cybersecurity and ensure continuous certification and OTA updates without downtime. Aurora Labs’ technology also ensures that installed software is bug-free and better protected against cybersecurity attacks. At the same time, manufacturers can continuously add new features to extend the life of vehicles and improve the user experience.

Insights into the behaviour of vehicle software are increasingly critical for the long-term version and inventory management of that software. Vehicles contain more and more code from more and more companies – Tier 1 suppliers, open source software and car manufacturers themselves.  This is making the software-defined vehicle a reality. Aurora Labs promises automotive users a clear, cost-effective benefit and thus significant economic advantages through the use of its AI-based Vehicle Software Intelligence: the technology enables savings of up to 98% in hardware and data transfer costs for software updates and up to 30% of software development time. This saves manufacturers billions of dollars in material and data communication costs and preserves recurring revenue streams. 

“We are doubling our investment in Aurora Labs because of the importance of its AI-based technology to the automotive industry. The software provides developers and car manufacturers with concrete insights from the development phase throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. We are convinced that the use of this technology will bring significant benefits to both manufacturers and customers and is an important enabler for software-defined and connected vehicles,” said Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board of Porsche SE responsible for investment management.

“Porsche SE’s continued commitment and the investments of Moore Strategic Ventures and Colmobil Corp, all of which have a proven track record of investing successfully in the automotive sector, demonstrate the traction we have in Europe and Asia. There is now an extreme amount of software being developed for and used in vehicles. For the industry to move forward and realise software-defined vehicles, it needs sophisticated AI solutions. These enable the continuous integration, deployment, testing and certification of software, as well as regular updates. Aurora Labs’ technology will save automakers time and money and made electric and autonomous vehicles significantly safer,” said Zohar Fox, CEO of Aurora Labs.

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