Auto-scaling PHP cloud hosting Platform-as-a-Service

Auto-scaling PHP cloud hosting Platform-as-a-Service

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However, experienced IT specialists will find the advanced features necessary to satisfy their demands. The PHP cloud hosting service offers high availability and horizontal scalability. Built-in cluster management capabilities enable applications to easily scale up or down. Applications receive as much CPU and RAM as needed for each server node. If load increases, resources are instantly reallocated to meet demands. Jelastic users never overpay for unnecessarily large “server instances,” and do not need to manage resources.

Each server node executes in a virtual container in complete isolation, even when it runs on the same physical server. Container isolation provides security and resource usage protection of applications from one another. Users can select and easily switch between PHP versions, configure PHP settings, network ports, public IP addresses, and more. Unlike Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Jelastic manages everything, so users stay focused on their application and not on their environment. Developers can test their PHP applications on Jelastic for free at

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