Automated source code analysis software underlines defects during coding

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On-the-fly analysis, similar to the spell check feature in popular word processors, enables Klocwork Insight to instantly underline defects as developers are writing their code. In the background, sophisticated syntax and dataflow analysis, build comprehension, and incremental analysis are continuously running to ensure thorough and highly accurate identification of security vulnerabilities and critical defects within milliseconds.
With an all new HTML 5 implementation, Klocwork Insight’s web reporting tool allows development teams to answer complex questions about the security, reliability and maintainability of their code base quickly and easily. A redesigned report creator and all new report templates use simple drag & drop pivot chart capabilities to allow users to design reports that meet their organization’s specific needs. 

The tool also supports cross-project impact analysis and reporting which immediately indicates whether a reported issue exists in other code bases, branches or builds. With this smart matching technology, development teams that re-use code across multiple systems won’t waste time finding and fixing the same issues over-and-over. This new feature also helps developers prioritize issues based on both severity and prevalence across multiple code streams. 

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