Automotive IMU comes with ASIL-B software library

Automotive IMU comes with ASIL-B software library

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The ASM330LHB MEMS inertial module from STMicroelectronics, certified for automotive applications, delivers precise measured values for a wide range of vehicle functions. Thanks to the special software offered, it is also suitable for functional safety applications up to ASIL B.

The module contains a digital 3-axis accelerometer and a digital 3-axis gyroscope. It is designed for lifetime road use and has a six-channel synchronised output. Its high-precision inertial measurements are used to improve precise vehicle location in context. It supports driver assistance systems and V2X communication, helps stabilise key sensing systems (e.g. radar, lidar, cameras) and supports semi-autonomous driving systems up to Level 2+. Apart from this, the module can be used for a whole range of other functions in the vehicle.

With the associated software engine, the ASM330LHB module supports the increasing spread of automotive systems that require a Safety Integrity Level of up to B. When two ASM330LHB sensor modules are used together in the interest of fail-safety, this combination provides resilient contextual data for driving assistance functions such as lane departure warning, emergency braking, cruise control and semi-automatic driving. Developed in accordance with the functional safety standard ISO 26262, the ASIL-B-compatible software library has been independently certified by TÜV SÜD. By implementing special safety mechanisms, including data integrity and accuracy, the software library ensures compliance with ASIL-B automotive systems.

Apart from increased driving safety, the flexibility of the ASM330LHB provides smarter functions. For example, the module’s built-in intelligence makes it easier to implement new vehicle status services when there is no driver in the vehicle. With the help of the integrated MLC (Machine Learning Core), whose current consumption is limited to a few microamps, a machine learning algorithm is able to detect certain events such as attempted theft, jacking, towing or collisions with other vehicles. By monitoring combinations of limit values, the FSM (Finite State Machine), which is also integrated, can also optimally detect whether the vehicle is moving or stationary, and vibrations and instabilities can also be detected.

The acceleration sensor and the rotation rate encoder of the module are characterised by high long-term and temperature stability and are also very low-noise. The total bias instability is 3° per hour. Specified for the extended temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C, the ASM330LHB keeps several operating modes to choose from for an optimal trade-off between data update rate and power consumption.

The ASM330LHB is AEC-Q100 qualified. It is offered in a 2.5 x 3.0 mm VFLGA package with 14 connectors and is available at prices starting at US$11.90.


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