Automotive LED prototype focuses on adaptive front lighting solutions

Automotive LED prototype focuses on adaptive front lighting solutions

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The Oslon Black Flat S with five high-current chips shows that high luminous flux values of up to 2000 lumen are possible from a single light emitting diode (LED). At the same time, the SMT component has a footprint of 3.75 mm x 7.9 mm, which is larger than that of the previous 5-chip version.

The high output was achieved by combining five chips from the latest UX:3 generation with an improved SMT package. A single LED is sufficient as the light source for combined low-beam and high-beam systems. The excellent thermal connection with the package allows for passive cooling, which reduces system costs. The Oslon Black Flat S is consequently a viable alternative to HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps and is scheduled to be added to the Osram automotive portfolio at the end of 2016.

The Oslon Black Flat S with five chips should be available from the end of 2016 for low-beam and high-beam systems and for glare-free high-beam headlights.

Improved heat distribution – essential in view of the high currents involved – provides the basis for the high brightness. The brightness comes from five high-current chips based on latest-generation UX:3 technology, together with an improved package. The thermal connection has been greatly improved by larger contact pads, which means that the headlights can benefit from passive cooling. This in turn reduces system costs considerably and makes the LED solution a viable alternative for vehicles that are now equipped with HID lamps. At a current of 1 A, a power loss of 12 W and an ambient temperature of 25°C, the temperature at the chip is only 69°C, which means that the temperature difference compared with the predecessor version has been reduced from 58°C to 44°C. The prototype LED is operated at a current of 2 A and a voltage of 15.5 V. The optical output is 6.5 W.

Developers at Osram Opto Semiconductors have succeeded in significantly improving the thermal management of the Oslon Black Flat S prototype (left) compared to the predecessor version (right).

“The five chips of the Oslon Black Flat S can also be driven individually,” explained Stefan Grötsch, Senior Key Expert Automotive Application Engineering at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “The future LED version will therefore be ideal for adaptive front lighting systems.”

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