Automotive multi-touch display has programmable textures and haptics

Automotive multi-touch display has programmable textures and haptics

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The 15” display was developed jointly with Innolux Corporation. It uses TanvasTouch technology to produce a wide variety of software-defined textures and haptic effects. The solid-state TanvasTouch technology uses an electric field to modulate friction locally when the user’s fingers move across a surface. It is a replacement for vibrotactile haptics in automotive applications as it has no moving parts and generates no vibration.

The solid-state TanvasTouch haptic technology can be implemented in any display format, including large and curved displays. It can be used on surfaces of any shape with substrates that include glass, plastic, metal, ceramics, and natural surfaces.

Automotive manufacturers can implement TanvasTouch with a combination of:

• A proprietary controller solution, which performs multi-touch sensing and haptics control. This may be supplied in various forms including as an IC or as a module.

• A transformation of the multi-touch sensor panel to a combined multi-touch and haptic actuator for any surface.

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