Automotive-qualified micropower op-amp handles extreme temperatures

Automotive-qualified micropower op-amp handles extreme temperatures

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

With its low consumption and suitability for operating temperatures up to 150°C, the TSU111H 5 V op-amp from STMicroelectronics, designed for automotive applications, offers a combination of features rarely found in a single device.

Qualified to AEC-Q100 for temperature range 0 (Grade 0) from -40°C to +150°C, the TSU111H can handle the harshest environments, such as those characterised by extremely high temperatures when used in braking systems, internal combustion engine exhaust systems and fuel cell generators. The device’s high maximum operating temperature allows it to be used in sensor control units (SCUs), which are placed close to sensors installed in particularly hot areas in the interest of maximum measurement accuracy.

In less extreme environments, the TSU111H’s extended temperature range allows it to be used up to three times longer than an equivalent Grade 1 device qualified at 125°C. As a Grade 0 product, the new operational amplifier can be operated continuously at 65°C for more than 25 years, the manufacturer promises. This completely covers the useful life of the respective vehicle. Grade 1 components, in contrast, are only specified for a failure-free service life of eight years on average. The insensitivity to extreme operating temperatures results in ideal conditions for the battery management systems (BMS) of hybrid and electric vehicles, which must always remain switched on and have minimal power consumption.

Thanks to its typical current consumption of only 1.7 µA, the TSU111H places only a minimal load on the vehicle’s electrical system. In addition, the output voltage is accurate to 250 µV at 25°C and 600 µV over the entire temperature range, ensuring very accurate signal conditioning in all applications and under all operating conditions. A typical application is precise measurements in the vehicle’s on-board charger (OBC).

The TSU111H has a SOT23-5L package and is offered at prices starting at 1.29 US dollars (from 1,000 units). The chip is part of ST’s 10-year product longevity programme, which ensures long-term product availability for automotive and industrial projects. Free samples are available now in the ST eStore.

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