Automotive security controller is designed for long life

Automotive security controller is designed for long life

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The robust chip design of the SLI37 offers an extended temperature range as well as an expected vehicle service life of 17 years. Infineon thus complies with the requirements of the UNECE WP29 working group: This requires vehicle manufacturers to be able to detect possible cyberattacks promptly and also to apply corresponding software updates promptly – and this over the entire service life of the vehicles.

Infineon’s chip is specially designed for high reliability, which leads to very low failure rates. The biggest advantage is that it can be used for multiple applications. For this reason, OEMs can focus entirely on the qualification and design-in process.

With more than 100 million eSIMs in use, Infineon’s SLI series has already proven its reliability. Now, the series additionally offers all the automotive qualifications and certifications required by the industry, including CC EAL 6+ and AEC-Q100. Together with Infineon’s long-term supply commitment and quality support, it enables the automotive industry to build the next generation of connected cars without taking safety risks.


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