Autotalks, Cohda Wireless to create world’s first integrated V2X SoC

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Cohda Wireless’ V2X software package is to be ported to Autotalks’ Tekton3 chipset. With this goal in mind, Israeli chip manufacturer Autotalks and Australian software company Cohda Wireless have now launched a new collaboration. The integrated solution is expected to provide the automotive industry with easy V2X integration with lower development and testing costs. 

Tier1s and OEMs would benefit from having a single company, Autotalks, responsible for all V2X functionality, whereas today responsibility is spread across multiple hardware and software suppliers. As a result of the more cost-effective and smoother integration, road users will be protected more quickly by better and life-saving V2X capabilities.

Since Tekton3 runs all V2X software, no external host or software integration is required. This enables maximum security by isolating the V2X hardware and software from nonsecurity functions and wireless connections, especially the cellular modem. As a result, Tekton3 is directly connected to ADAS and simplifies the merging of V2X data. Another advantage is that Tekton3’s software integration can process data from all road users in the environment without affecting energy efficiency. It is also capable of operating in a high-temperature automotive environment.

The Tekton3 is the world’s first fully integrated V2X SoC to support 5G C-V2X for Day 2 use cases. Day 1 V2X provides life-saving situational awareness. Day 2 V2X applications can share sensor data from other vehicles and enable critical actions such as automatic braking.

“The Tekton3 significantly reduces development effort and cost for Tier1s and OEMs on V2X projects. Adding V2X to a vehicle becomes as easy as plug and play,” promises Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks. “Combining Autotalks’ chipsets with Cohda’s software enables Tekton3 to deliver on its promise as a complete turnkey V2X solution.”

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