Autotalks CTO calls for cooperation in V2X standards battle

Autotalks CTO calls for cooperation in V2X standards battle

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Onn Haran, Autotalks’ co-founder and CTO urges cellular operators, vehicle manufacturers and automotive technology vendors to convene a V2X roundtable – for the sake of automotive safety. His point: It makes no sense if the competing camps of DSRC (typically IEEE 802.11p) and cellular wireless technology (LTE and 5G) continue to believe that their respective technology could be the only one to build V2X applications. Haran: “Our proposals for a common V2X platform can increase road safety while allowing cellular operators and vehicle manufacturers to benefit commercially” 

“We are talking with a wide range of industry players on a daily basis and we hear a clear feeling of discontentment in these conversations,” he shared. “Managers and technologists from both sides – DSRC and 5G, feel that the industry has trapped itself in a whirlwind where each side attempts to prove the supremacy of its technology. The vast time and monetary resources invested in the battle between 5G and DSRC proponents divide the industry in a way that puts futile burden on cellular operators, vehicle manufacturers and automotive technology vendors and makes it harder to quickly achieve effective deployment of life-saving V2X technologies.”

According to Autotalks’ CTO, “in order to minimize accidents, injuries and loss of lives, all vehicles should be able to communicate in a single language. It is unacceptable that vehicles using 5G-based V2X won’t talk with vehicles that are equipped with DSRC V2X and vice-versa. Even in a market that considers adopting 5G V2X, one significant vehicle manufacturer that adopts DSRC is enough to make harmonization critical. For example, Volkswagen just announced its plan to install DSRC in in its 2019 Golf model. The largest OEM in Europe boldly decided to protect its customers, and other OEMs would have to adjust, if they want their V2X communication to be effective. “

Autotaks CTO Onn Haran: To make V2X a success,
it is necessary to embrace both 5G and DSRC

According to Haran’s proposal, “to prevent an entanglement, it is necessary to convene a V2X harmonization roundtable discussion with all the business and technology players in the V2X arena, including cellular operators, car manufacturers and technology vendors – whether they stand for DSRC or 5G. All these players must find a responsible way to join forces for the sake of the public.”

Haran continued: “Since we have deep knowledge of various V2X technologies and business motivation of all stakeholders, in the roundtable Autotalks will be able to propose very clear and specific ideas for complying V2X configurations and technical structures. Our proposals can help maximize vehicle safety while allowing cellular operators, vehicle manufacturers and electronics companies to profit financially.” 

All the players that will participate in the roundtable would likely improve their reputation with the public and authorities in various countries, both in America and Europe, Haran said. “The cooperation will also surely cost much less compared to the engineering and marketing resources that are mobilized for the sake of the DSRC-5G battle”, summarized Autotalks’ co-founder. “To ignite the process, we are calling every interested industry player to share their ideas with us. This will be our modest contribution for stopping the unnecessary turmoil we are witnessing today and above all saving lives on roadways around the world.”

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