Avionic firm adopts verification tool to enhance safety

Avionic firm adopts verification tool to enhance safety

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Clue in Malaga, Spain, is using the OneSpin 360 DV-Verify verification tool in the development of FPGA Soft IP Cores for its WittyBox family of Flight and Mission Computers. These IP Cores provide key functions for the next generation Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), such as avionic communication protocols, video conversion, data processing, data filtering, traffic management and health monitoring. 

Aircraft electronic systems are becoming increasingly automated leading to more rigorous safety measures to avoid catastrophe and loss of lives. Individual components must meet strict DO-254 (Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware) safety requirements. More productive and effective methods for reaching DO-254 are needed to keep up with the increasing demand for avionics computation technology that aids in more efficient aviation automation.

The coverage-driven assertion-based verification tool enabled the discovery of bugs that had eluded the company’s simulation-only flow, achieving convergence earlier for DO-254 certification. The Quantify App in the tool allows for the precise measure of verification progress that will lead to faster sign-off and greater confidence of zero bug escapes, which is essential to meeting DO-254 certification.

“At Clue, our ultimate goal is to help produce safer and more efficient aircraft and provide the highest quality computing systems to make that happen,” said Ignacio Fernández Montes, CEO at Clue Technologies. “To meet that goal, we must continually meet the highest safety standard in avionics. We are excited to have partnered with OneSpin on this endeavor. Their technology will allow us to exhaustively verify our state-of-the-art designs beyond what simulation alone can provide.”

The VHDL-based devices comply with the RTCO-DO-254 and RTCO-2C153 standards to achieve the highest levels of Design Assurance Level (DAL) certification. “We have been working closely with OneSpin Solutions to learn together how their product could help us to meet RTCO-DO-254 objectives in terms of requirement verification, traceability and coverage,” he said,

“But we see value beyond the generation of certification artifacts. Clue’s design procedures are highly influenced by agile methodologies and incremental design based on fast iterations. We found that by integrating OneSpin into our automatic testing platform we test more and we test better. This helps detecting errors early and consequently speeds up the development and improves the quality of our code.”

“Many of our customers are leading the innovation that has or will have a critical impact on how electronics operate and the safety of those devices,” said Raik Brinkmann, OneSpin President and CEO. “Clue’s adoption of our unique verification solution based on formal technology will give them confidence that their designs function as intended and are safe to be used in today’s aircraft.”;

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