AVX/Ethertronics SMT automotive antennas now at TTI

AVX/Ethertronics SMT automotive antennas now at TTI

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Specialist distributor TTI, Inc. is now stocking the low profile SMT automotive antennas from AVX/Ethertronics, supporting different worldwide frequency bands.
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The Universal Broadband Embedded LTE/LPWA antenna uses Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology, which provides superior RF field containment and less interference or reaction with surrounding components, important in the electronically-busy automotive environment. The devices resist detuning and maintain a reliable radio link regardless of usage position. Peak gain over different frequencies are 689-960 – MHz 2.6 dBi; 1710-2200 MHz – 4.4 dBi, and 2500-2700 MHz – 3.4 dBi. The devices have a very small PCB footprint of only 49.6×8.0x3.2mm. AVX/Ethertronics Wi-Fi/BT/Zigbee ceramic chip antenna also offers the advantages of IMD technology, enabling design engineers to provide the key requirements of high functionality and superior performance in a 2×1.2×0.5mm design. It operates over the 2400 – 2485 MHz frequency range with peak gain of 1.88 dBi.TTI, Inc.

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