Backplane connector system designed for 40 Gbps data rates

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The Impel connector system delivers industry-leading low cross-talk and high density performance with data-rates up to 40 Gbps for next-generation backplane interconnect solutions. Because it meets all critical architectural needs, including conventional, co-planar, orthogonal midplane and orthogonal direct, it is ideal for telecommunications and data networking applications.

The Impel conventional connector orientation, with a right angle daughtercard mating to a vertical header, provides 2 to 6 pair options to support price and performance. The 1.90mm conventional solution supports 80 differential pairs per linear inch and the 3.00mm conventional solution enables quad-route capabilities and a lower PCB layer count. In these same configurations, the Impel connector system enables co-planar solutions, which support right angle daughtercard mating to right angle headers for added system scalability. The Impel backplane connector solutions for orthogonal architectures allow for 3 to 6 pair configurations, scaling from 18 to 72 differential pairs per node.

Molex’ Backplane Pin Map Configurator is available for free on the company’s website, guiding users through a series of inputs to identify backplane parameters and quickly generate a pin map for their backplane application.

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