Baidu Research predicts top 10 tech trends for 2023

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By Rich Pell

AI research lab Baidu Research has released its predictions for the top 10 technology trends of 2023. The organization says it is sharing its predictions for tech trends in 2023 with the aim of finding a clear direction for the practical application of AI and technology.

The organization’s top 10 technology trend predictions for 2023 are:

Trend 1: Big Model Building – Big models for industries emerge, providing intelligent upgrades across a wide range of sectors.

Trend 2: Digital-Real Convergence – The increasing demand for AI infrastructure drives deeper integration of digital technology with the real economy.

Trend 3: Virtual-Real Symbiosis – Web 3.0 technology creates a new type of online space, leading to disruptive innovation in the metaverse industry.

Trend 4: Autonomous Driving – Autonomous driving sees new upgrades, leading progress in intelligent transportation.

Trend 5: Robotics – The use of industrial robotics accelerates, addressing labor shortages.

Trend 6: Scientific Computing – AI technology has become a valuable research aid, transforming the paradigm of multidisciplinary research.

Trend 7: Quantum Computing – Breakthroughs in core technologies continue to drive the industrialization of quantum computing.

Trend 8: Privacy Computing – Privacy computing platforms enable data interoperability while balancing value creation with security and trust

Trend 9: Ethics in Technology – Explainable AI technology promotes “mutual trust,” making reliable and controllable technology a new competitive advantage.

Trend 10: Sustainability – The focus on green, low-carbon, and sustainable energy grows, with key breakthroughs in edge computing and advanced computing.

“Many of the technology predictions we have released in the past have become a reality in later technical and industrial development,” says Dr. Haifeng Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Baidu, Head of Baidu Research, “as we have observed the irreversible trend towards increasing levels of intelligence and have confirmed the inevitability of AI becoming more integrated into the real world. It is our hope that this year’s top 10 technology trends will continue to help bring clarity and confidence in the future direction of technological development and innovation.”

For more, see Baidu Research’s Top 10 Tech Trends.

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