Battery analytics solution trims battery-related return costs

Battery analytics solution trims battery-related return costs

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Qnovo Analytics, which builds a real-time health record of battery performance over lifetime use, capturing charge and use cycles, environmental conditions, capacity

degradation and use profiles, consists of a data collection module integrated into the operating system of the mobile device, along with a standardized API for applications development. Qnovo supplies a customer service targeted diagnostic application with QNA for use by mobile carrier or OEM service centers. Additional applications, such as carrier-specific or consumer self-diagnosis, can be developed via the API.

Mobile consumers cite battery issues as a top complaint, yet to date there have been few tools available to quickly pinpoint and resolve battery-related problems.

Often this results in the consumer returning a device, which is inconvenient to the user and costly to the mobile carrier and device maker.

“Smartphone returns are a multi-million dollar issue, and the battery is at the top of the list,” said Nadim Maluf, CEO of Qnovo. “Qnovo Analytics provides unique insight into the true health of the battery, which can greatly speed issue resolution and improve customer satisfaction.”

QNA is able to project the remaining lifetime of the battery allowing a quick assessment if a battery requires replacement. Diagnostic data determines if the charging system is operating properly. By capturing charge and use history, QNA can determine if a device’s battery is properly sized for a particular consumer’s usage patterns.

Qnovo Analytics also claims to add another innovation beyond the company’s patented fast charging technology that can speed charging up to four times faster while simultaneously increasing battery lifetime.

Qnovo Analytics is now available for Android-based systems.

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