Battery-powered GPS is now LoRaWAN certified

Battery-powered GPS is now LoRaWAN certified

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By Ally Winning

The Oyster device utilizes Digital Matter’s LoRaWAN stack, which has been optimized for low-power operation and longer battery life.

“We developed our own LoRaWAN stack, optimized specifically for low-power operations, low latency, and global adaptability,” says Ken Everett, CEO and Founder of Digital Matter. “Robust and flexible, owning our own stack means we are also well-positioned to adapt very quickly to updates to the LoRaWAN standard.”

“Businesses can confidently deploy the Oyster GPS knowing it has been thoroughly tested, validated, and certified by the LoRa Alliance,” says Everett.

The high-precision Oyster GPS tracking device was developed to offer location and movement history data to allow businesses to protect and recover important assets.

The Oyster features energy-saving movement-based tracking parameters and a sleep mode to allow up to 5 years of battery life on LoRaWAN networks. The device comes in a rugged IP67 nylon glass housing for maximum durability.

Digital Matter provides comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format to make the integration and deployment of the Oyster device simple for any asset-tracking application.

Tracking parameters such as heartbeat rate, accelerometer settings, after-hours alerts, and more are configurable over the air, simplifying large-scale IoT deployments.

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