Beaming wireless power startup raises $30 million for remote charging

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By Peter Clarke

Reach Inc. (Redwood City, Calif.), which trades as Reach Power, has raised $30 million to help deploy its beamed wireless power technology.

The Series B round was led by venture capital firm DCVC.

Reach claims that its wireless technology can deliver hundreds of watts of power, connect point to multipoint and transmit power over tens of meters. In effect it is presenting a power router to act in a similar way to a data router that provides Wi-Fi connectivity.

The company also claims that its beam control system ensures safe power transfer and that power transfer is “efficient” with bidirectional conversion circuits based on gallium nitride. The system uses meta-material adaptive surfaces to provide electromagnetic wave manipulation across power levels. The exact frequencies of electromagnetic waves used are not disclosed.


Nor has the company said how efficient the power transfer is compared with wired connection.

One area where Reach is actively engaged is with charging autonomous vehicles and drones. This could eliminate charging downtime and great significance for the deployment of temporary microgrids for emergency response and military field operations.

“Reach’s mission is to do for power what Wi-Fi has done for data,” said Chris Davlantes, founder and CEO, in a statement. “Our industrial-scale wireless power networks augment electrical wiring with a flexible layer that can be reconfigured in a split second, giving devices unprecedented mobility and functionality. This new investment will enable us to deliver our high-performance wireless power solutions to provide versatile and intelligent power distribution worldwide.”

Davlantes founded the company in 2015.

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