Bench oscilloscopes feature 20 Msample deep memory and logic analysis option

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The R&S RTM provides time domain, logic, protocol and frequency analysis functions in a single box, making it suitable for the testing and development of electronic circuits. The instrument comes with color-coded controls, logically grouped menus with flat structures and dedicated keys for frequently used functions. The undo/redo function, for example, makes it possible to easily restore previous settings, making the correction of mistakes no trouble at all. Rohde & Schwarz implemented a VirtualScreen in the R&S RTM to free up more space for the simultaneous display of analog, logic, math and reference signals: to provide a well-organized overview of all signals, the screen can be expanded to 20 divisions. The user can move the visible section of the VirtualScreen to the desired position using a rotary knob.
The R&S RTM-B1 logic analysis option adds 16 logic channels to the R&S RTM. With a sampling rate of 5 Gsample/s and memory depth of 20 Msample, the bench oscilloscope allows users to make precise measurements of long signal sequences. The entire measurement bandwidth and the full resolution of the A/D converter can be used even at 1mV/div. High trigger sensitivity makes it possible to measure signals that would be lost in the noise by other instruments. At the push of a button, the QuickMeas feature displays the key measurement values and updates them continuously. The R&S RTM series with two or four channels and a bandwidth of 350 MHz or 500 MHz as well as the R&S RTM-B1 logic analysis option are available now.

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