Bi-directional DMX/RDM technology simplifies luminaire commissioning and monitoring

Bi-directional DMX/RDM technology simplifies luminaire commissioning and monitoring

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DMX/RDM is an enhancement on the DMX512 lighting protocol, allowing bi-directional control and communication, enabling faster and safer commissioning, and easy system monitoring. The enhancement also includes Lumenlife, a patented technology for calculating the true life expectancy of a luminaire. With DMX/RDM, luminaires can communicate important information, including DMX addresses, parameters, descriptions, temperature, and Lumenlife expectancy. They can also be re-discovered, updated or re-commissioned at any time – with a click.

DMX/RDM offers a range of benefits for lighting professionals and property managers, allowing them to monitor energy usage, identify potential issues, schedule preventative maintenance, and understand the true lifespan of their system.

The technology is now a standard feature on Lumenpulse products, and will be offered at no additional charge.

"We believe that bi-directional communication and control is the future of the industry, and we want to lead the lighting market forward with smarter, safer, and more flexible solutions," said Francois-Xavier Souvay, Founder, President and CEO of Lumenpulse. "DMX/RDM allows simple remote addressing and easy monitoring of your lighting system. The technology gives luminaires a voice, allowing our customers to retrieve important information about the performance and lifetime of their system."

An established protocol in the entertainment industry, Lumenpulse’s version of DMX/RDM goes beyond previous architectural uses, offering a comprehensive set of features, including a wide range of fixture parameters, boot-loader functionality (allowing easy firmware updates), and Lumenlife.

"We want to make life easier for installers, and to give our customers a full understanding of their lighting system, including how long it will really last," said Marc Filion, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Lumenpulse. "Lumenlife and RDM consider more than simple hours of operation by taking into account vital contextual information. This provides a much more accurate picture of an installation’s maintenance requirements, and of a fixture’s expected lifetime."

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