Bio-surveillance tech combines body-worn camera, ‘smart mask’

Bio-surveillance tech combines body-worn camera, ‘smart mask’

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By Rich Pell

The company’s AI-enabled chest-worn [IN-DEPTH] Body Camera platform allows for interchangeable multi-camera sensors and optics that provide multi-field of view and specialty sensors such as infrared, thermal imaging, snake tube, pinhole, and camera sensor upgrade path. The ability of the technology to overlay an RGB feed with thermal data, says the company, is likely to be very useful for first responders in the field surrounded by people of unknown COVID-19 status – the ability to pick elevated temperatures out of the crowd should help the triage process and could be used at checkpoints such as airports and train stations as well.

The company says it is also working in collaboration with other tech and medical device companies to bring a “smart mask” to market as soon as possible that could provide a bigger picture to the leadership of the CDC, FEMA, medical resources, or the military by knowing the status of their resources in real time and building a constantly updating “infection map” that is based on data from the point of possible infection – not from testing results.

The proposed system provides four key elements:

  1. Protection: The first line of defense for the wearer be it a consumer or first responder is protection from an airborne threat
  2. AI (artificial intelligence): The mask will be able to sense elevated temperature and presence of airborne pathogens.
  3. Platform: LIVE stream and hybrid cloud storage and sync platform integrates back to a broader bio-surveillance deployment thereby creating a better understanding of what is happening and how extensive it is for government, military and first responders.
  4. Mesh Network: A portable connected network, creating a highly versatile ad hoc system, which enables users to create Wi-Fi and or cellular connection on the fly in areas which do not support service.

The Hawkeye [IN-DEPTH] Body Camera includes an evidence management platform that preserves the chain of custody and flexible storage options that allow for the storage of video evidence on premise in the cloud, or both. Hawkeye Systems was founded by former members of the US Military who joined forces with Hollywood film production veterans to develop professional and military grade imaging products and services to assist with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Hawkeye Systems

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