Biometric credit card ready for mass production, says Card Tech

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Compliant to ISO 7810ID-1, the international standard of most payment cards, the 0.76mm thin smartcard integrates IDEX’s flexible polymer capacitive fingerprint sensor for user authentication.

The smart card is powered by an internal thin-film rechargeable battery. While the biometric system is totally powered by the reader’s external supply in contact operations while the battery recharges, it is assisted by the battery when used for contactless operation (in that case, the battery can still benefit from the contactless interface for RF energy harvesting).

An argument that Card Tech likes to put forward is that the battery-assisted operations of the Biometric System-on-Card allows the usage of the card with any RFID or NFC reader (access control, POS, mobile devices, ecc.), regardless of the RF field strength.

That may be a small punch at Norwegian competitor Zwipe AS who announced a similar solution, albeit without a battery, and who secured a partnership with MasterCard for market launch.

The biometric sensor is tied to IDEX’s authentication algorithm which runs on a low power micro-controller to reconstruct in real-time the fingerprint image and compare it with the user’s enrolled fingerprint. The verification of the user’s biometric data is performed on the card, without the need for an external database.

The card can be manufactured with a standard hot lamination process, using PVC foils, ensuring a tamper-resistant construction together with a low production cost.

Card Tech says its card is now ready for mass production, with an undisclosed first-tier manufacturing partner in the loop for the industrialization and PCBA manufacturing.

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