This represents annual growth rates of more than 40 percent. The market was just $645 million in 2018 and Omdia expects it to be nine times larger by 2024 at $5.8 billion.

Chiplets replace a single silicon die with multiple smaller dice that work within a single packaged component. This approach provides more silicon compared to a monolithic microchip and allows the most appropriate manufacturing processes and materials to be used for different functions.

Omdia analyst Tom Hackenberg said the use of chiplets would allow the resurrection of Moore’s Law at the package level.

Chiplets are being adopted in advanced and highly integrated semiconductor devices, such as microprocessors (MPUs), system-on-chip (SOC) devices, graphics processing units (GPUs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs).

Chiplets-serviceable available market revenue (US$ millions). Source: Omdia.

The MPU segment represents the largest single market for chiplets among different microchip product types. The global market with chiplet-enabled MPUs is expected to expand to $2.4 billion in 2024, up from $452 million in 2018.

“These companies have the most to lose from the slowdown in Moore’s Law. Because of this, these companies are among the earliest adopters of chiplets and are likely to be the primary contributors to chiplet standardization efforts,” Hackenberg said.

Intel is a member of the Open Compute Project, Open Domain-Specific Architecture (OCP ODSA) foundation, which is promoting the development of standards and technologies that are helping to enable advanced packaging strategies (see Achronix, Facebook, NXP working hard for a chiplet future). Computing applications will account for 96 percent of chiplet-enabled revenue in 2020 moving down to 92 percent by 2024 as other applications come to benefit.

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