Blended electric truck uses batteries and hydrogen for 600 mile range

Blended electric truck uses batteries and hydrogen for 600 mile range

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By Nick Flaherty

Hydrogen truck pioneer Nikola has launched an electric pickup truck with an estimated range of 600 miles by ‘blending’ power from a fuel cell and a lithium ion battery pack.

The Badger will be built in conjunction with another OEM using their certified parts and manufacturing facilities. A 160kWh lithium-ion battery provides a 300 mile range in the battery-only version, while the 120 kW fuel cell boost the range to 600 miles. A supercapacitor ‘Launch Assist’ module blends the power from the lithium ion pack and the fuel cell. It can also operate in low temperatures down to -28ºC without major performance or state of charge (SOC) losses.

The electric pickup will also have a 15kW power outlet for tools, lights and compressors, which is enough power to assist a construction site for approximately 12 hours without a generator. 

The Badger was designed to handle 0-100 mph launches with minimal loss of performance and to operate on a hill of 40 percent through software blending of batteries and fuel-cell at the push of a button in the cab.. 

“Nikola has billions worth of technology in our semi-truck program, so why not build it into a pickup truck?” said Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola. “I have been working on this pickup program for years and believe the market is now ready for something that can handle a full day’s worth of work without running out of energy.  This electric truck can be used for work, weekend getaways, towing, off-roading or to hit the ski slopes without performance loss. No other electric pickup can operate in these temperatures and conditions.”

“The Nikola Badger is a game changer. The program will help drive down the cost of the fuel-cell components on our semi-truck while accelerating the hydrogen station rollout. Giving customers the option to order a fuel-cell or battery electric version will ensure we drive the cost down for everyone across our lineup,” said Mark Russell, president of Nikola.

The company is planning to roll out a network of 700 hydrogen filling stations across the US, and the Badger will be demonstrated in September.

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