BluGlass’s RPCVD yields p-GaN microLED display prototype

BluGlass’s RPCVD yields p-GaN microLED display prototype

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Australian semiconductor technology developer, BluGlass Ltd together with its foundry customer, X-Celeprint, have prototyped high performance microLED displays using BluGlass’ Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) p-GaN technology.
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The active matrix microLED displays realized by X-Celeprint exhibited good luminance with colour uniformity, quantum efficiency and forward voltage that equals current high-performance commercial applications at 2000cd/m2.

X-Celeprint is a developer of micro-transfer printing (μTP) technology, a cost-effective and scalable manufacturing platform for integrating microscale devices such as lasers, LEDs or integrated circuits onto non-native substrates. The company provides custom design services for micro-transfer printing stamps and printers for a range of customers.

BluGlass claims its patented hardware and processes offer manufacturers unique performance advantages due to RPCVD’s low temperature and low hydrogen growth conditions.

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