BMZ opens new battery production plant in North America

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“With the development of well over 4200 customer-specific battery packs for the European market, BMZ has in the past few years built up a unique pool of expertise, which we now also want to make available to the North American market through our specialists in the USA,” explained Sven Bauer, founder and managing director of BMZ. Currently, with more than thousand employees and an annual turnover of 170 million euros, BMZ is Europe s leading system supplier of rechargeable battery packs.

Bauer said that Virginia Beach’s excellent infrastructure and its availability of well-trained skilled personnel,  provides ideal conditions for successfully entering the North American market. “In addition, Virginia Beach is a base for many international companies, including some of BMZ’s European customers, with whom we can now continue to intensify our international cooperation,” added Bauer. "Demand for the high-quality customer-specific configured BMZ battery packs is already at such a high level that we expect to hire an additional 50 people by the end of this year. If this trend continues, the number of employees could even increase to more than 300 by the end of 2012,” said Bauer.

In addition to assembly of state-of-the-art customer-specific battery systems for use in applications including household and garden appliances, power tools, portable medical devices, wind and solar plants, electric vehicles and aerospace, BMZ USA will also provide distribution of lithium cells from various Asian manufacturers.

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