Bosch reduces power for barometric pressure sensing

Bosch reduces power for barometric pressure sensing

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By Peter Clarke

Bosch Sensortec has launched its BMP581 barometric pressure sensor, which is suitable fitness tracking, fall detection and indoor localization applications in smartphones and other wearable and hearable equipment.

Bosch has supplied barometric pressure sensors for use in smartphones for many years where they are used to determine relative height as a part of inertial measurement dead-reckoning systems (see Pressure sensor enables altitude accuracy to within 8cm).

The latest device can measure height changes to within a “few centimeters” and brings lower power consumption than previous devices being the first capacitive barometric pressure sensor from Bosch Sensortec.


The BMP581 provides a relative accuracy of +/-0.06hPa and a typical absolute accuracy of +/-0.3 hPa. Full accuracy is available over a range from 300hPa to 1100hPa. The BMP581 has a typical temperature coefficient offset (TCO) of just +/-0.5Pa/K and low RMS noise of 0.08Pa @ 1000hPa (typical). Long-term drift over 12 months is only +/ -0.1hPa.

Compared to BMP390, the previous generation of Bosch barometric pressure sensors, the BMP581 draws 85 percent less current, noise is 80 percent lower, and TCO is reduced by 33 percent. Typical current consumption of 1.3microamps at 1Hz substantially extends battery life, while the deep standby mode draws 0.5 microamps. The sensor provides an I2C, I3C and SPI (3-wire/4-wire) digital, serial interface. The BMP581 is provided in a compact 10-pin LGA package shielded by a metal cover, measuring just 2.0mm by 2.0mm by 0.75mm.

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