Bosch, Vodafone and Huawei connect V2X to ADAS

Bosch, Vodafone and Huawei connect V2X to ADAS

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

In the trial conducted along with Vodafone and Huawei, the Cellular V-to-X technology (C-V2X) is used – as opposed to the IEEE802.11p modified WiFi standard which was previously intended for V2X applications.

The trials started almost a year ago, but now the companies now made an important modification to the test setup: While earlier the system’s functionality was restricted to real-time data exchange, displaying warning messages at the driver’s dashboard, the V2X systems are now directly connected to advanced driver assistance systems to trigger automated action.

For example, as soon as a vehicle enters the safety distance between two consecutive cars, the ACC automatically increases the distance until the required distance is restored. This would also be done by an ACC without V2X functionality – but with V2X this action can be initiated earlier, explained a Bosch spokeswoman. The connection of V2X and ACC (and thus to accelerator and brake) contributes to the improvement of safety.

According to Bosch, V2X is also one of the pioneers for fully automated driving. On the way to fully networked road traffic, vehicles will learn how to communicate with each other and exchange data directly. This direct communication provides additional information about what happens, for example, in non-visible intersections, on the road behind a hilltop or on the motorway next to and behind your own car.

Even though the C in C-V2X stands for “cellular” and thus suggests the use of the mobile radio infrastructure for the transmission of the messages, the C-V2X modules also transmit their information directly to appropriately equipped vehicles within a radius of about 300 m. The C-V2X modules transmit their information directly to the correspondingly equipped vehicles. This significantly reduces latency. The development goal is latency times of less than 10 ms, the spokeswoman explained.

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