Boundary scan now combined with real time test of GBit LAN interfaces

Boundary scan now combined with real time test of GBit LAN interfaces

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Goepel electronic launched BAC9305-LAN1G, a Bus Access Cable (BAC) for its JTAG/boundary scan hardware platform Scanflex. In connection with the Scanflex port module SFX-9305, the new family member of Bus Access Cables enables the real time test of GBit LAN interfaces in combination with extended JTAG/boundary scan operations based on a unique platform.
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The protocol based functional test of the LAN interface with maximum transfer speed helps to detect production faults as well as dynamic problems. The BAC9305-LAN1G was designed for the connection to the multi-port I/O module SFX9305, providing a triple speed 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet interface. ARP, TCP/IP and DHCP are currently supported protocols. The module can be used for devices with or without completely implemented firmware. In the latter case, the BAC9305-LAN1G is applied with VarioTAP, a technology for processor emulation tests. VarioTAP takes over the initialisation of the UUT processor as well as the respective LAN interface, without flashing a specific firmware.

In connection with the SFX-9305 module, the BAC9305-LAN1G can be freely combined with all SCANFLEX controllers on PCI, PCI Express, Cabled PCI Express, PXI, PXI Express, FireWire, USB or LAN basis. In addition the BAC for LAN, there are modules supporting USB (Host/Slave), CAN (Highspeed/Lowspeed), LIN, BlueTooth, RS232 and RS422/485.

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