Boundary Scan test extended to connectors and analog interfaces

Boundary Scan test extended to connectors and analog interfaces

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The CION-LX Module/FXT96 offers 96 single ended, 12 high current and 24 differential ports. Each of them is bi-directional and can programmed with multiple parameters. To increase application flexibility, for every channel a range of test resources is available, including frequency counter, event detector, arbitrary waveform generator and digitiser. The new module is based on the CION-LX ASIC, a Tester-on-Chip developed by Göpel electronics. This ASIC can be controlled via JTAG. The Boundary Scan Test module supports the standards IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.6 and IEEE1149.8.

The test resources available for each channel enable users to conduct static as well as dynamic at-speed tests, translating into significant improvements with regards to the structural test coverage as well as into more flexible test strategies.

The CION-LX module can be connected to each Test Access Port (TAP) and is cascadable to achieve higher channel counts. It can be used in mixed configurations with other CION modules or ChipVORX modules. In connection with Goepel’s System Cascon Boundary Scan software platform, it is possible to automate the entire project development at minimal effort, says Goepel.

In such a configuration, the Scan Vision Tools software can display errors at the correct location of the PCB layout. The CION-LX Module/FXT96 can be used in prototype testing in the lab as well as in production testing.

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