Brake resistor passes salt water spray challenge

Brake resistor passes salt water spray challenge

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The resistors were tested to EN60068-2-52 for salt mist and EN60529 for Ingress Protection.  The BW155 range runs from 4-30 kW continuous power, with a typical working voltage of 1 kV. Short-term overloads up to 20 times nominal can easily be achieved.

To test for ingress of foreign objects, a unit is placed within a sealed room and exposed continuously to fine dust particles for a period of eight hours, after which time it is inspected to ensure that there is no ingress. Similarly, to test against water ingress, the unit is exposed to a 6.3 mm diameter water jet for three minutes at a flow rate of 12.5 litres per minute from a distance of three metres.

Benefits of the BW155 air- and water-cooled resistors include high functionality, reliability and service life, higher dielectric strength from windings that are spatially separated, and higher mechanical protection. The devices are not sensitive to moisture and fouling, have low susceptibility to vibrations and oscillations, and have extremely low audible noise levels.

Offering fast connection, good heat dissipation and compact dimensions, the BW155 is designed to be easily mounted and its inherent performance benefits mean that it can now be mounted virtually anywhere.

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